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A number of the petroglyph images recorded by George Creed do not fall into defined categories. Creed grouped these images into similar types. Some clearly represent identifiable scenes while others are written inscriptions.

MiscellaneousMi'kmaq hieroglyph representing Jesus Christ
Mi'kmaq people carved names and words into the rock using three different writing systems. Hieroglyphs, where an image represents a whole phrase, are common on the rocks at Kejimkujik. Another set of inscriptions was done in a writing system invented by the Reverend Silas Rand, as a phonetic way of spelling both English and Mi'kmaq. Most of the inscriptions, however, are written in English, using the Roman alphabet.

MiscellaneousA few of the drawings in this category are palimpsests (overlays) where great concentrations of many different images are carved one above another. These probably represent the drawings of many people over time.