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Hands and Feet

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hands and feetImages of the human hand and foot are common in rock art of many cultures. The Mi'kmaq petroglyphs of hands and feet show a variety of forms. Hands are shown as plain outlines and with detailed decorations. The image at right shows a detailed hand with skin creases at the finger joints. A two-masted sailing vessel is shown on the palm.

hands and feet Hand, spirals on fingertips
The image at left shows a detailed hand with skin creases on the palm and spirals on the fingertips. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have used this image to illustrate lectures on fingerprints. They felt it might perhaps be the oldest known depiction of fingerprints in Canada.

hands and feetFoot, possibly in moccasin
Human feet are also represented in Mi'kmaq petroglyphs, both as outlines, perhaps with the artist tracing around his own foot, and as highly detailed images. The tracing at left shows an unusual treatment: what appears to be a foot within a moccasin, rather than bare.