Green Hill Lookoff Pioneer Museum

Information obtained from an email between Reference staff at the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library and J. Clifford Grant.

"Green Hill has had a major influence on my life, and I still feel this today. I spent the major part of my summers there from the age of 10 - handing out tickets at the Palace of Fun when I could barely see over the counter, collecting the beer bottles discarded in the woods during the many dances in the dance hall (I quickly learned to empty them before I put them in the wheel barrow). Learning how to carry 2 pails of water from the pump by having equal amounts of water in each. How to get ice out of the sawdust for the ice box in the summer. The best times to use the outhouse on busy days. The importance of humour in dealing with the public. A sense of history from knowing so much about the museum - including many times sitting in and on the stagecoach that was the Pictou-Halifax run. How to climb the whole height of the tower in 10 seconds. Seeing the white church in Murray Harbour, PEI on the really clear days. Rolling the right sized rocks down the hill to the road below, and listening to the crashing and bouncing as it hit trees, bushes and jumps. The drive-in theatre with the rough timber projection hut ... This is part of my legacy."